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Designing Habitat

Reefs not only provide a spectacular display of underwater beauty but also serve as critical habitats that sustain various species. Understanding the key elements that make reefs so beneficial allows prioritizing those elements during design and maximizing their impact

Ecological Parameters

Physical reef structure have effects on the space around them which affects how animals can utilize them for habitat. These parameters include substrate surface area, interior covered spaces, verticality into the water column, and hydrodynamic attraction around the structure.


Here's what what woven reef structures offer in comparison with an unintentional artificial reef structure like a mooring block:

Parametric Design.webp

Parametric Digital Design

SeaWeaver utilizes modern parametric design resources for illustrating variable structure configurations, approximating mature stages of mineral accretion growth, and deriving measurements which inform the building instructions. These tools greatly assist the investigative design process while keeping the resulting building process simple.

The images below are all computer renderings.

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