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Institutional Partnerships

Friends of SeaWeaver

SeaWeaver has only been possible to develop with the support I've been fortunate to receive. I'm a designer, and as I stated in my design approach, even the best design is only 1/3 of a conservation solution. Below are some of the expert scientists, conservation practitioners and project pioneers who have helped me along the way. 

Screen Shot 2022-08-20 at 1.30.44 PM.png

Seattle Aquarium


Seattle, USA

A 2x2' woven mat was installed in the Seattle Aquarium's Birds and Shores enclosure, with eelgrass planted in between the woven fibers. Monitoring the growth around the weaves will let us know how the new plants are able to resist the forces of turbulent water.  See SeaWeaver project page for more information

Special thanks to Erin Meyer & Julie Carpenter

woven eelgrass mat

installed in Birds and Shores enclosure August 2022

UW EarthLab

Nippon Foundation Ocean Nexus Center

sponsor of SeaWeaver project

Seattle, USA


As an Innovation Fellow of the Ocean Nexus Center, I have access to a network of academic and industry experts from across maritime trades to gain insights, feedback and connections.

Special thanks to Yoshi Ota


New Heaven Reef Conservation Program

New Heaven Dive School & Reef Conservation maintains a mineral accretion electric reef system in Aow Leuk Harbor in Koh Tao, Thailand.

See SeaWeaver project page​ for more information

Special thanks to Kirsty Magson & Devrim Zahir

woven prototypes in mineral accretion system

Koh Tao, Thailand 2022


photo credit: Huw Penson 2022

Thank you

Tom Mumford

Rodney Salm

Bob Sevenster

Chad Scott

Lisa Marks

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