Color: Navy blue

Dessert flavor: Matcha

Country: Netherlands

Shape: Hexagon

Cuisine: Chinese

Fruit: Nectarine

Season: Autumn

Olympic Sport: Diving/Gymnastics


My name is Leo

I want to design things that will help minimize the harmful impacts our society has on the environment. The areas I am most interested in are:

  • sustainable energy and food production

  • ocean engineering and floating structures

  • design for climate change

  • origami and transforming structures

  • parametric and geometric design

  • digital fabrication practices

I grew up in Seattle, Washington in a diverse household. I studied East Asian Linguistics at Carleton College, and after graduating I lived in Beijing, China for several years, working, traveling, and learning. I returned to the United States to redirect my life, such that I'm able to better contribute to solving some of the most challenging issues that we face today. I am currently in the final semester of a Masters of Industrial Design at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Please feel free to contact me at:


Tel: +1-206-419-1548

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